Houston Family Law Attorney

Divorce can be a confusing, painful and difficult experience for family members of every age. Attorney Barbara Lynch Schnack understands the deeply personal concerns faced by her many Texas clients and is committed to providing experienced, professional and compassionate personal services.

Since 1994, we have served clients throughout the Houston area. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Contact us by e-mail today or callĀ 713.581.1779.

The Many Strengths of Our Family Law Practice

At the Law Offices of Barbara Lynch Schnack, P.C., our goal is to provide quality legal services at a reasonable cost while we seek to:

  • Educate clients about the legal process
  • Explain options and pursue creative solutions
  • Encourage settlement through negotiation and mediation
  • Exhaust all reasonable alternatives to litigation, and when that’s not possible, fight aggressively in court to protect children or property rights
  • Offer honest, realistic and unbiased counsel, regardless of gender orientation

We have a track record of success for our many south Texas family law clients in practice areas that include divorce and property division, child custody and support, paternity and adoption. For additional information, please view our video.

Our Board-Certified Lawyer

Attorney Barbara Lynch Schnack is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She is a seasoned, skilled mediator and an aggressive courtroom advocate for men and women throughout the greater Houston metro area. A former social worker and manager of the Texas Attorney General’s child support division, Ms. Schnack offers clients compassionate professionalism.

Finding A Lawyer Near Me

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Looking For A Defense Lawyer?
There are thousands of kinds of lawyers each with their own specialty and you shouldn’t expect a divorce, real estate, corporate, or liability lawyer to know how to best represent a criminal case. There are hundreds of nuances that make a regular attorney into a great criminal defense attorney and experience is one of them. You don’t become great at being a basketball player by changing brakes on cars, so to speak. So, check with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to find a real criminal defense attorney, make a list of names that you can draw from.

The best criminal defense attorneys such as the team at http://jamesdavisdefense.com will have a team of investigators that can find witnesses by knocking on doors and asking questions. They’ll also find out who the accuser is in order to know their motive if they’re lying. There are a lot of angles that need to be pursued and your lawyer is the one the needs to do it. Not just any lawyer, but one with the infrastructure that’s there to handle just your kind of case.

After You Have A List Of Great Defense Attorneys, Make Appointments

Most criminal attorneys will give a free consultation for a limited amount of time to give you a quick assessment of your case. Don’t waste their time, bring all of the documents that you have, any proof of innocence, and a witness as well. If the attorney thinks you have a good case he’ll tell you so and then you’ll have to decide whether to go with him or not. If you have a long list of lawyers you can check out several before you choose.

Attorneys aren’t typically known as “great” people, because their job is rather cut-throat. But when you ask what makes a great divorce attorney, there are some very humane elements you can look for. In this article the focus is going to be on some of these elements, and why it’s important to choose a great divorce attorney like our friends at https://filawgroup.com

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

You have to understand that attorneys aren’t therapists. As much as you want to share your anger and frustration, you’re not paying them to help you deal with personal issues.

However, this doesn’t mean the attorney has to be stone cold in his or her approach. Technically they are running a business, and any successful business requires some manner of people skills.

Just don’t expect your attorney to get as emotional as you’ll probably be, because they handle these types of cases on a daily basis. And they need to shut down emotionally if they are going to keep doing their job well.

A Great Attorney Stays Focused

It’s your divorce, so you get to choose whether you want an attorney that only focuses on draining the other party, or do you want an attorney that stays focused on what’s important.

Even though it happens a lot, getting divorced is always a complicated situation. And when there are children involved, it gets so much more complicated.

Now, do you really want your attorney to make your situation worse? Or do you want them to keep your best interests and wishes as top priorities?

Schedule Multiple Consultations

Unless you are in a very big hurry to get divorced, it’s recommended that you speak to at least different divorce attorneys. You can learn more at https://www.urbanthier.com

Don’t just choose the first attorney you meet, and have a clear idea of what you want. This last bit is important if you want to make the right choice. If you don’t know what you want from the divorce, how do you know which attorney will represent you best?

So, take a moment and think it through. Are you going to lay claim on belongings the other party doesn’t want to give? What about money issues? Get all of this out of the way and start making those calls.

Some Final Thoughts

Divorce is never easy, and it can be difficult going up against somebody you were so close to. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire the best divorce attorney.