3 Tips For Caring For Caring For Your Young Children

Children have multiple needs that need to e fulfilled by a parent and it can sometimes be overwhelming to get the balance between emotional, psychological and physical well-being just right. Parents, especially mothers, are under immense pressure to raise the perfect little angel but it is important to be aware that no parent is perfect and that raising children does not come with a manual.

However, 3 tips that you can use to ensure that you are providing for more than just the basic needs of your child include:

  • Diet And Physical Activity

Childhood obesity is on the rise and ensuring that your child eats a healthy, balanced diet is essential to giving them all the nutrients they require to grow and develop optimally. Exercise is just as important and it is recommended that children between the ages of 4 and 6 years spend at least 3 hours a day outdoors performing some type of physical activity. This is essential to developing good muscle tone, balance and gross motor skills.

  • Creativity

Their is nothing quite like a child’s imagination and you should take time to nurture their creativity. Whether they like to perform for you, sing their own songs or design tons of artworks of their own design, be extra careful to give them their choice of creative outlet and provide them with the mediums to access their creativity. Allow you child to plat freely and without restriction or observation so that they can let their imagination fly free.

  • Medical Appointments

Apart from vaccination booster shots that are necessary from birth and throughout childhood, it is important to take care of your child’s medical needs. If they are ill, take them to clinic or doctor to get a medical diagnosis and treatment. Remember that it isn’t necessary to treat every little cough or sneeze with antibiotics and allow your child to develop their own strong immunity. Keep an eye on developmental milestones and if your child has missed one or two, take them to be evaluated. Remember to take your child to visit the dentist at least once every six months to a year and take them to have their vision and hearing tested too. You may also check out Canton, NY WIC center near you to learn more.

Your child also needs lots of love and acceptance so spend time doing the things they enjoy and make sure that you provide lots of physical affection. Remember that if your child is happy, healthy and well-rounded, you are doing a good job!